Quick training tips

Try to drive your heels into the floor when you bench press.

Training and building a lift are two totally different things. Know the difference.

Don’t press the bar out of the rack when your bench press, pull it out instead.

Break with the hips first when you squat.

When training lats, focus on pulling more with the pinky finger side of your hands.

If you have a weaker side/arm when you bench press – DON’T look at it.

When you box squat count in your head, one thousand one…then stand up explosively.

The advanced lifter needs less volume and the beginner more. Much is due to coordination and efficiency.

A fat bar can take a lot of strain off the elbows and shoulders with pressing and extension movements.

Grip work is very hard to recover from, so keep it to one or two times per week. Once every four days is a better option.

If you’re dead-set on overhead pressing, but your shoulders hurt when you do them, try it with a reverse grip.

Close-stance safety bar low box squats will solve the majority, but not all, of falling-forward problems in the squat.

When you squat drive you head back into your traps.

When you bench press keep your wrists in line with your elbows.

Keep your excuses to yourself – nobody cares.

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