Signs that the world is going crazy

1. Weak Government Leaders
The destruction of any organization begins with leaders who lack moral authority. Government leaders around the world are faltering. The world’s wealthiest and resource abundant countries, like those in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Canada, Russia, France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Australia, Israel, and South Africa are being torn apart by inexperience, corruption, political divisions, disunity, religious differences, civil rights violations, and economic instability. This is the biggest sign the world has gone mad.

2. Global Financial Crises
Economists across the globe are sweating bullets over the weakened U.S. dollar, and faltering economies in Greece, Italy, and the U.S. The collapse of private and international banking institutions, stock market plunges, credit defaults from major corporations, and a slew of economic problems guarantee to push life as we know it past the point of no return. The constant cycle of overspending, overtaxing, and over exhausting resources has global markets and citizens of many countries nearing collapse. This is most certainly another sign the world has gone mad.

3. Lackadaisical Morals
Humans today are generally pretty lax in terms of morality and value systems. People across the globe have adopted an “anything goes” attitude where more restrictive, rigorous mores once stood testament to traditional behavior. People today are more rude, crude, and possess really crumby attitudes in terms of ethics, virtue, and customs. Things like discipline, modesty, family values, premarital sex, and even the more taboo subjects, like adultery and drug abuse, are commonplace. The trend to turn away from the proverbial moral high ground is running like wildfire across the media, political arenas, and even in personal relations. This only further proves the world has gone mad.

4. Education
Parents today are self absorbed, dumb, and getting dumber. Unfortunately, kids today can only be as good as their parents. Thanks to funding issues, lack of resources, and general lack of direction, many brilliant minds are neglected, literally laying to waste. Despite multiple attempts to harness education and provide a uniform standard of learning within the United States and other countries, kids today don’t have access to or derive the knowledge necessary from schools to succeed in building solid educational foundations. Funding for public schools is slim, qualified teachers are scarce, and outdated curricula do not meet the needs of today’s youngsters. The educational crisis within the U.S. and many countries is expanding and consuming the would be engineers, doctors, and scientists of tomorrow. Proof positive the world has gone mad.

5. Debt/Fiscal Irresponsibility
The world’s biggest, wealthiest countries contribute to the $4,40,730,237,181,082 dollars (and rising) of global public debt with the number increasing substantially every second. Economists predict the collapse effect may sink all economies as the link between global government debt increases so does the greater the risk of financial crisis. In recent years, debt across the globe has risen faster than the economic output. Economists predict higher taxes may assist in decreasing global public debt. The trickle down effects of troubled economies, unemployment, and other financial issues only add to the already over-extended denizens of Earth. The debt of governments and individuals is added proof the world has gone mad.

6. Aging Populations
People are living longer than ever but that doesn’t mean they are living better. As people age, their financial resources dwindle and their bodies fall apart, taking a massive toll on employment options, health care, education, families, and technology in developed countries. Governments lack the medical and financial resources to care for the elderly. Increased longevity only adds to health care expenses, pension programs are largely unsustainable and inadequate, and often governmental educational expenditures are cut to compensate for deficit funding.

7. Waste
Waste is everywhere, polluting the earth, contaminating aquifers, and destroying life on Earth. The more things that people have, the more they throw away. Waste is the byproduct of technology and people’s discarded consumerism. Most Americans put over 1,600 pounds of garbage in landfills per year, with construction, commercial, industrial, medical, radioactive and hazardous waste accumulating at perhaps a more rapid speed. This translates into a giant, all-consuming mess, rendering further proof the world has gone mad.

8. Failing International Relations
Global relations between countries have never been worse than they are today. Weakened economies and inept leaders only further the divide between countries who were once strongly aligned and united in alliance. International trade, globalization, international activities, and strategies to promote cooperation are fast dissolving as governments place national interests above foreign policy. The resulting havoc from failing international relations are most prevalent in industry, agriculture, and even the quality of life; proof positive the world has gone mad.

9. Rise Of Celebrities
Poll any typical teenager today and they can more easily identify Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga faster than they recognize Mother Theresa. The rise of tabloids, the paparazzi, and gossip columns across the globe have sucked in the masses at a tremendous profit and at the expense of privacy and intelligence. It seems the public prefers trivial information about the latest A-lister’s footwear or arm candy, over the cold, hard truth of the happenings in the world…just another sign the world has gone mad.

10. Food Crisis
Population increases, decreased crop production, urbanization, natural disasters, and surging food prices threaten a looming food shortage. Global food distribution is uneven and based upon wealth with experts predicting 33 nations could potentially face conflict and social unrest with global fallout. Additionally, as population increases, uneven land distribution further contributes to the threat of a food crisis. And worst of all, the over-processed foods consumed by many people are not remotely healthy. Proof positive the world has gone mad.

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