What we can’t have without the other

Money without Labor – We do not value what we do not earn.

Loyalty without Trust – Loyalty will vanish in the absence of trust.

Appreciation without Education – We cannot fully appreciate what we do not fully understand.

Wisdom without Experience – True wisdom is the product of many life experiences.

Power without Checks and Balances – Unfettered power leads to greed and corruption.

Business without Sincerity – Crooked businessmen are prison bound… if they’re lucky.

Success without Sacrifice – Success doesn’t find us, we find it.

Policy without Justification – Without justification, policy is just another form of tyranny.

Happiness without Peace of Mind – A mind at ease is already pleased.

Beginnings without Endings – A great, new beginning rises from another beginning’s end.


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Business & Photography enthusiast. Web Designer. Movie fanatic. Gadget lover.
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