You can become a better person

Think of other people. Consider how you can make others happy and encourage them to do the right thing. Spend time to appreciate their good qualities and boost their self-esteem.

Don’t act for selfish motives. Don’t seek to gain at the expense of others. Don’t speak ill of friends for the motive of impressing other people.

Don’t waste time in seeking praise. Learn to let go of your ego. Humility does not mean putting yourself down. It means being content with what you are, without external praise / blame.

Never be jealous of others’ success or happiness. Learn to be happy through the well being of others. If others do good things, feel it is partly your achievement.

Don’t be attached to a negative frame of mind. As frequently as necessary, let go of negative thoughts. Don’t brood and be despondent. Be wary often the ego is involved in moods of despair and unhappiness. Cultivate cheerfulness.

Smile. If nothing else try to smile when meeting others.

Be enthusiastic in what you do. Whatever you find yourself doing, try to be enthusiastic and positive. Even the smallest act done with love and enthusiasm can make a difference.

Don’t force your opinions on other people. Also, listen patiently to others, but at the same time don’t be swayed by what other people think you should do. Test their advice against your inner wisdom.

Inner Peace Take time to find the inner peace and inner joy that is part of your real nature, but often hidden under the layers of our mental imaginings.

Listen to the promptings of the heart.
Be sceptical of the cold judgements of the mind.

Better to make mistakes than to sit idle.

Don’t complain, make a difference.

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