Reasons why you aren’t getting results

You Procrastinate. You keep putting things off. Either you start taking action, or you forever lay in peace.
You underestimate your goal. Achieving a goal is about getting from point A to B. People fail because they underestimate what it takes to get to A to B.

You spend more time defending your problems than taking action. Spend less time talking about your problems and use that time to think about solutions. Then act on them.

You’re too enclosed in your own world. You don’t venture out beyond your normal routine. You do the same things. It’s no wonder you stagnate.

You’re not working smart. You do the same thing over and over, even when you don’t get results. Look at people who have achieved the same results before, and learn from them.

Avoidance (Fear). You avoid taking action because some of the things you have to do intimidate you. Face the fear and do it anyway.

You’re easily distracted. You get distracted by things thrown in your way. Don’t let anything (or anyone) distract you.

You over-complicate situations. Common among the neurotic perfectionists.

You give up too easily. You give up before you even get anywhere. Persevere, press on, and it’s a matter of time before you reap the fruits of your labor.

You lose sight of your goals. You settle for less, forgetting the goals you once set. Reignite your vision and don’t ever lose sight of it. It’s your fuel to your success.

You’re too stuck in your ways. You insist on doing things a certain way. You can only improve if you are willing to try new things.

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