Slow down and enjoy relationships

Start small. No change in life is easy or comfortable. Working to let go of the pace around you and creating your own speed takes time and should be attempted in small, incremental steps.

Leave the office. Shut off all projects, messages, emails, phone calls and conversations and leave the office at the end of the day.

Turn off all electronic gadgets. This one is simple. Turn off the phone. The Internet. The television. The point is, unplug and connect with other humans.

Be 100% present. This is tough at times. But it also is a source of increased tension in life. Focus on doing one thing at a time and being 100% present while doing it.

Take a walk. Make it a priority to walk with your spouse and your kids each day.

Eat outside. There’s something great about being in nature. There’s something even greater about sharing a meal with others outside.

Prepare for your day. Spend a moment at the end of your day preparing for the next day. Pick out clothes, make lunches, talk with your spouse.

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