Food that will burn fat

1. Yogurt
We all know that plain yogurt is a very healthy food, rich in calcium. However, it can also be helpful in losing weight in the abdomen, according to an experiment conducted at the University of Tennessee.

2. Tea
It contains catechins, which reduce the desire for carbohydrates and cause a mild thermo genesis. Drinking 2-4 cups of tea per day and before exercise can increase the metabolism and accelerate fat burning.

3. Redfish
It’s an excellent source of many essential ingredients that reduce abdominal fat. It contains slow-digestion protein; calcium that contributes to the reduction of weight and lowers the hunger hormone levels and help in controlling stress.

4. Mono-unsaturated Fats
It is best to consume more olive oil, avocados and nuts, i.e. not only to lose stomach fat, but also for a healthy future life.

5. Oatmeal
It is very rich in fibre and can satisfy appetite which can cause to eat less food throughout the day.

6. Grapefruit
This fruit is very rich in vitamin C and can also conflict insulin prickles that lead to weight gain.

7. Melon
Melon is high in potassium that regulates the levels of sodium and conflicts the swelling.

8. Wine
A recent study showed that people who drink one glass of wine i.e. especially red wine per day have an average of a thinner waist than those who drink no alcohol at all.

9. Wholemeal bread
Researchers at the University of Penn found that people who eat 5 servings of whole grains, lost at least 24% more abdominal weight than those who ate the same calories.

10. Walnuts
Studies have shown that walnuts can lower the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol (which contributes to weight gain) because they contain fatty acids.

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