Guide to cleaniness and hygiene

Lay down some toilet paper in the bowl before you sit down. This greatly reduces the risk of splashback and noise. Especially useful in public restrooms.

Make a conscious effort to smell good. Don’t kill yourself with aerosol deodorants like that kid in the UK did, but shower daily, wear a deodorant, brush your teeth/tongue, etc. Smell works in your favor on a subconscious level. You don’t have to actually stink for it to work against you. On a subconscious level, you might just smell “wrong.” You’re not trying to smell like perfume, you’re just shooting for “pleasant,” or at the very least “unobtrusive.”

Brush your tongue if you want your bad breath to go away. Not the front, way in the back. If you want to eat spicy foods but are a total wuss, do not let the hot part of the food touch the rear sides of your tongue because that is where the tastebuds that detect spiciness reside.

Toothpaste makes a simple pimple cleaning agent if you don’t feel like giving your money to Oxy.

If you want the freshest breath ever, use a really strong mint mouthwash like Listerine until you can’t bear it anymore, then immediately rinse out your mouth with the hottest water you can stand.

If you want to wear cologne/perfume, do not use a scented bodywash unless it is made to compliment the cologne/perfume (ie Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy II for Him Bodywash and Cologne). After drying off, but before putting on any clothes, spray the cologne once or twice in front of you and walk through it. Put clothes on afterwards. This prevents the “smell cloud” effect, people smell it when getting close, but not when passing you in the hallway.

Put a layer of antipersperant on first, and then a layer of deoderant. Deoderant alone does not reduce sweating, and may result in slight pitstains, especially if you’re nervous.

When you blow your nose, keep your mouth open a bit. You can actually pop (as in, put a hole in) your eardrum if you do not.

Orbitz spearmint gum has an incredible fresh breath smell range.

If you are like me and get shocked constantly no matter where you are, ground yourself with a little slap against whatever metal object instead of just touching. You’ll feel the tap more than the shock.

Buy a styptic pencil from a nearby drugstore. It may sting a little, but it will instantly close up any shaving cuts.

If you get one of those annoying cuts on your hands or fingers that don’t really hurt but don’t want to stop bleeding, go ahead and put super glue or krazy glue on it to seal it right up.

Never cut your toenails so they are rounded (the way you cut your fingernails). They are more brittle and if you cut them with too rounded of a shape you can get ingrown toenails.

Shave in the shower — shaving is best accomplished when your skin is moist and soft, and the hot water and steam of a hot shower is the best time for this. Get yourself a small hangable fog-free mirror (see below) and keep it in there, along with your razor.

Many haircare and shaving products have water repellent properties. You can apply these to your mirror and glasses to keep them from misting up. Shaving cream, hair spray, mousse style hair control stuff, etc. — all of these can be applied to your glasses and/or mirrors so you can see clearly to take care of what you need to in a misty post-shower bathroom.

After shaving, store your razor with the blade dunked in rubbing alcohol. This keeps it from rusting and you can get many more good shaves before changing blades.

Do not shake nail polish before applying them, doing so makes air bubbles appear. Roll them gently in your hands instead.

Always wait for your moisterizer to be completely absorbed before applying foundation, that way your “face” won’t slide off in the middle of the day.

Sharpen your eye and lip liner pencils before and especially after you use them. It stops nasty bacteria from growing on them, and if you are in a hurry to use them they are already sharpened from last time.

Press a liberal amount of face powder under your eyes before applying eyeshadow. Brush the extra powder off with the fallen eyeshadow, and you won’t look like a panda. Rest your right pinky on your face and look down into a mirror when you apply eyeliner.

For long lasting lip color, use a lip pencil in a similar shade to your lipstick all over your lips, apply a thin coat of lipstick, blot with a single ply of tissue, then apply again.

Spray perfume into your hair for long-lasting fragrance, but don’t use too much as alcohol is drying.

Ever pop a zit only to have a red mark appear that’s just as bad as the zit itself? Buy some eyedrops and spread a single drop on the red area. A lot of eyedrop brands out there (especially the cheap ones) merely have chemicals that shrink blood vessels, hence “getting the red out.” After a few minutes of sitting on your skin, the liquid should help diminish the redness.

If you wear contacts that are not specifically designed to be worn while sleeping, for God’s sake, take them off. I don’t care how lazy you are. It destroys your eyesight.

Keep your bathroom in good shape and try to make sure you match your towels and stuff. Being mismatched and untidy is a sign of someone
who doesn’t care, and guests will notice this.

Don’t mix bleach and amonia. Ever. This means don’t use bleach in your toilet bowl, because urine has ammonia in it.

When packing your bathroom stuff for a trip, be it via car or plane, always pack your bottles of stuff in Ziploc bags, seperate if possible. That way, if one gets bumped and the cap opens, you don’t end up with shampoo/soap all over everything.

Irritability is often the first sign of dehydration.

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