Games and sports tricks

When playing rock paper scissors, 90% of humanity goes scissors on first turn.

Never hit in blackjack if the dealer has a 2-6 showing and you have a hand of over 11. If you hit and get a 10 and bust, the guy next to you will punch you in the face since he only had an 8 or something and really needed that card. The dealer will most likely bust in this scenario anyway.

The best way to score a point at air hockey is to hit it straight into the goal directly. It is unexepected by your opponent because he assumes, like most, that you will try to bank it off the side. Always hit it as hard as you can. This tends to scare the crap out of them because if it is done right, the puck may fly off the table and the fear that it will nail him in the face is there causing him to turn his head or wince at every shot you make. Make the person cry for his mom.

Tighten fishing knots inside your mouth — just utterly swamp them in spit. This reduces friction damage to the nylon line so you end up with a stronger knot.

If you go snowshoeing, make sure you pack light. And leave room in your pack for the clothes you’re going to be taking off.

In chess, opening with king’s pawn frees your bishop and queen, if you like to get them out early.

Don’t move your rook’s pawns early in the game if you can help it. You’ll be left with less defense if you need to castle.

If you’re canoeing, make sure you put your car keys in a watertight vessel that floats.

During many a Monopoly game, you will have a choice between making a risky deal that has a small chance of winning you the game, or dying a slow death, because you haven’t the properties to win the marathon.

Screw moleskin, duct tape the hotspots on your foot. This will completely prevent any friction on your skin. This can be used both before and after blisters form. Wool socks are always a good idea too, as they draw sweat away from your foot.

On a long hike, bring some corn with you. After three days of walking you’ll love your fresh popcorn.

There are powdered drinks (just add water) you can buy in pharmacies meant for people recovering from diarrhea. Add some of that to your water bottle. Not only will it help cover up the taste of your chosen purification method, but it will give you extra elctrolytes and vitamins.

The higher you go, the less air and clouds there is to block out UV radiation. It may be -10C out, but you will burn at 5000 metres. Wear strong sunblock.

Walking poles, especially the spring loaded variety, take a lot of the weight off of your legs when hiking. They also help you breathe more efficiently as your arms are elevated. Get some with a tungsten carbide tip. Trust me when I say that they may save your life someday. When you’re wearing a heavy pack and traversing difficult terrain you do not want to fall.

Look out for your friends when climbing. If they’re complaining of a bad headache they may be on the verge of acute mountain sickness. Stop where you are and administer diamox if necessary. Climb high, sleep low.

Keep a tin of altoids with you, and right before you take a big drink of water, put it in your mouth and chew it up. When you drink the water, it will feel a lot cooler than it really is.

If you want to build muscle mass, work out in short reps that are difficult/heavy.

If you want to tone, work out for a long time with easier runs/lighter weights.

A good trick to exercising is to work different sections of the body different days. That way you can work on your arms as you give your stomach time to heal.

There is always time for a few sets of pushups and sit-ups in the morning, and they’re free.

It’s a lot easier to work out if you do it with a partner or a group. You will get a much better workout and always show up. You can’t just decide not to show up if someone else is counting on you.

When working out, be aware of the pain that’s going to make you stronger and the pain that will break you. Don�t work out on a torn muscle, but when those acids in your body build up from the strain, work through it.

Nike and Saucony shoes run thin. New Balance shoes run wide.

Don’t play basketball in running shoes or you risk twisting your ankle.

When spelunking, always wear a helmet, and always have a spare flashlight. Caves are one of the few placse you can see absolute darkness, and it sure isn’t a place you want to be stuck. Go with a friend, and make sure people know where you are.

Running is bad for your knees over a long period of time. Biking is better.

If you’re going to the gym or running, tie your key in your shoe laces. Make sure to double knot.

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