Simplest viewpoint of healthy eating

Don’t go for anything extreme. If you try for drastic changes you’ll hate it and won’t stick to it for long. But add a few extra fruits and veggies and it’s not hard. Change soda to water next month and it’s not deprivation.

Eat slowly. OK … not always but most of the time. Eating slowly allows you to fully savor the taste of the healthy food you eat and at the same time eat less while still feeling satiated (not stuffed).

Eat real foods. Try for veggies and fruits and raw nuts and seeds and beans and some whole grains. Sometimes your food is processed but mostly it’s just the stuff you’ll find in the produce and bulk sections of a supermarket (or farmer’s market).

Eat plants. Do that mostly for reasons of compassion (killing animals for pleasure doesn’t feel right) but you will find it’s also an extremely healthy way to eat. Sure it’s possible to be vegan and unhealthy (eat processed fake meats and sweets) but if you’re a whole-food vegan it’s hard to go wrong. And yes it’s easy to get protein as a vegan.

Enjoy myself. Look for healthy foods you love — berries for example — and savor them. Eat sweets now and then but in small portions and truly enjoy the few bites you have. Have pizza about once a week and it’s delicious. Eating healthy isn’t about deprivation but about finding ways to enjoy yourself while living a healthy life.

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