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Hell on heels

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Fingerprint facts

Do you even know what your fingerprints look like? If you leave them at a crime scene, though, they could land you in jail. Without fingerprint evidence, our prisons would be half empty. Here are quick facts on fingerprints: A … Continue reading

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Facts about cellphone distraction while driving

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Do animals go to Heaven?

Questions about our pets arise in our minds naturally, since we come to love them so much and regard them as members of the family. One of the most poignant stories is the parable of the pet lamb when Nathan’s … Continue reading

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How to know if you are saved

Imagine that on my birthday you stop by my house and hand me a box wrapped in festive paper and topped with an enormous red bow. “For you!” you announce with a big smile. “Happy birthday!” “I can’t take it,” … Continue reading

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