Intresting ear facts

Men are more deaf
Men experience more hearing loss than women do. But their ears do not have an ‘extra filter’ as so many people believe. They are just typically involved in more noisy occupations, and this tends to damage their hearing.

Loud music vs. your ears
Music is not bad for your ears. It’s only very loud music that’s a problem. Listening to loud music is not only a problem in pubs and clubs, but also on earphones. By the way, listening to earphones for just one hour will increase the bacteria in your ear up to 700 times.

Ears are self-cleaning
Ears are self-cleaning. Pores in the ear canal produce cerumen, or ear wax, and tiny hairs, called cilia, push the wax out of the ear. Earbuds can do damage to your ears if used incorrectly.

Dangerous decibels
The smallest sound you can hear is 0 decibels. Ten times louder than that is 10 decibels, and so on. A jet engine clocks in at 120 decibels and a gunshot at 140. Eight hours of exposure to 90 decibels or more can cause damage to your hearing. Anything over 140 decibels causes immediate damage.

Hearing loss is very common
About 3 in every five people over the age of 60 will experience some hearing loss. Forty percent of these people will need amplification such as hearing aids.

The ocean in a seashell
The sound of the roaring ocean you hear when putting a seashell next to your ear is not the ocean, but the sound of your blood surging through the veins in your ear.

Kids do get more ear infections
Water trapped in the ear can cause hearing loss. This happens more easily to children. This can cause painful ear infections. These can usually be treated successfully, but should not be ignored.

Hearing a question of balance
Your ears play a big part in helping you keep your balance. There are three serial canals next to the cochlea in the ear. They work like gyroscopes to keep us balanced. They give you information on where you are in space. If you think that’s not so important, wait and see how a really bad ear infection can affect your sense of balance.

Rugby players and cauliflower ears
Rugby players often get so-called cauliflower ear. That happens when the external cartilage, which contains no bones, is injured again and again.

A baby’s hearing
At birth, the human ear can hear sounds as low as 20 Hertz (lower than the lowest note on a piano) and as high as 20,000.


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