Ways to face this world during tough times

1. Journal. Lose the weight you carry on your shoulders. Write 2 pages of your thoughts daily until you feel better.

2. Get a new mantra. ” Repeat it when you find yourself filled with negativity.
Mine is “All is well

3. Choose to do low key exercise. Something that doesn’t feel like work. A walk in nature, at the zoo or in a new city. Ride your bike for short distance errands.

4. Connect with others. Sign up for a new class or volunteer for a road race. Join a support group or creativity group. Meet face to face with a friend or family member. Get outside of yourself.

5. Touch.Find people you can hug, hold and be physically close too. Appropriately touch someone’s arm or hand when you are with them. You are suppose to get 5 hugs per day. Have you had your quota today? Don’t remain cut off from the world.

6. Practice self acceptance. Look at yourself in the mirror and praise yourself for doing 3 things. Self-rejection will hold you back. No self put downs allowed.

7. Plan a vacation. Give yourself something to look forward too.

8. Be gentle with yourself. Do something nice for yourself. Give yourself the tenderness you need. Take a nap. Visit a friend. Go to the movies. You’re are OK.

9. List your strengths. Begin sentences with “I am…” Are compassionate, determined, likable, disciplined?

10. Be loving with yourself. Treat yourself as you would a best friend.

11. Remind yourself you’re not alone. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations. We don’t get through life without facing failure or tragedy. It’s part of being human.

12. Shift your perspective. What will life look like when you have a solution? Hold a vision of the end result you want. See it happening in detail.

13. Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s suffering we bring on ourselves. You don’t know what anybody else is going through.

14. Express your feelings in an acceptable manner. Don’t suffer in silence. Cry if you need to cry. Manage your anger. Check in with yourself and your emotions daily.

15. Have an open mind. Become curious and creative about the solutions to your issue. Explore it from all angles. Ask someone you respect for advice.

16. Be tolerant of your flaws and personality defects. Everyone needs to work on some aspect of their personality. Nobody is perfect.

17. Listen to Music. Choose uplifting music with a positive message.

18. Repeat the Serenity Prayer. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

19. Spend time in nature. 10 minutes spent sitting outside daily will uplift you in ways you can’t imagine. Touch the earth by going barefoot.

20. Plant a vegetable garden. Dig in the dirt with your bare hands. Invite a child to garden with you.

21. Plant a flower garden. Put in flowers that will attract bees and butterflies.

22. Practice focused breathing.

23. Brighten your world. Pick wildflowers. Wear a bold color. Add color to your environment with paint or accessories..

24. This too shall pass.Always has always will. Think about the difficulties you have overcome. Take one step at a time and “keep on keepin on.”

25. Smile. Laugh. Be Silly. Practice being happy.

26. Have good posture.

27. Spend time near water. Find a pond, lake or ocean. The energy of the water will calm you. Even a water park with change your mood. Swim, float, and wade. Kids love to play in water for a reason!

28. Volunteer to work at a children’s camp. Spending your vacation this way will heal your broken spirit faster than an island and a fancy drink.

29. Put on a pair of shorts and flip flops. Who doesn’t feel good in this attire.

30. Present well. Keep up your personal care. Keep your nails and hair trimmed. Put on your best clothing. When you dress well you feel well and look well.

31. Take photographs of nature. Print them and post them on your office wall. Use it as an escape for a few minutes a day.

32. Go to an outdoor concert or ball game. If this is out of your budget go to a little league game or school concert.

33. Throw out your bathroom scale forever.
Every one’s body is different. If you listen to your body it will tell you what to eat and drink.

34. Go to the library and browse the CD’s, Books and DVD’s. Anything uplifting will do.

35. Invite someone over. This will cause you to clean up your environment a bit. Order a pizza and set the table with your best dishes and glasses.

36. Create a Ritual. Write down all of your feelings, anger, judgment, frustration etc. Dig a deep hole, burn the paper and bury the ashes. Finally plant a new tree. The new tree symbolizes new beginnings. It will grow as you grow. It will always be a reminder of how far you have come.

37. Eat Healthy. Include one new fruit or vegetable every day. Preparing and eating healthy food will keep your mind off your troubles.

38. Get creative with some jeans. Cut off an old pair of jeans for shorts. Take your oldest pair of jeans and slice the material wear you want holes to be. Then unravel the loose thread.

39. Dance. Find a location or club where you can dance and invite others to dance with you. Do this for at least two hours.
The more you fear this exercise the more you need to do it and the bigger your reward will be.

40. Visit a museum or art gallery. Examine the art, color and light in the paintings.

41. Purchase a new pillow. Yes you read that right. When is the last time you bought a new pillow for your bed? We spend one third of our time in bed. Make it comfortable.
44. Get enough sleep. Purchase a meditation CD if you have trouble
getting to sleep. Turn the CD on when you turn the lights off.

45. Make Your Feet Happy. Get a manicure or a foot massage. Purchase a good pair of exercise shoes. You won’t regret it.

46. Light Candles. Candles are subtle mood enhancers.

47. Watch the sunrise and sunset. Mark your calendar and decide to two this at least twice a month. It’s the best show on earth!

48. Do something adventurous. Kayak, canoe, bungee jump, go camping, hiking or rock climbing.

49. Go for a drive, play your favorite music and sing at the top of your lungs. You will change your mood.

50. Work out with weights. Focus on your breathing and results you want to see instead of the pain.

51. Write yourself a love letter. Thank yourself for getting this far in life. Tell yourself how much you love yourself. Mail it to yourself in one month.

52. Spend time star gazing. Identify constellations.

53. Daydream. Plan a fantastic future for yourself. Get excited about it. Include people, places and things.

54. Sign up for a personal development workshop. Attend in person and meet new people.

55. Date yourself. Become comfortable dining alone.

56. Create and practice positive affirmations. Write them on index cards using colored markers.

57. Spend time with animals. If you don’t own a dog, walk a neighbors.

58. Reflect on your values and be grateful for them.

59. Hang out in a coffee/tea shop and enjoy your favorite drink.

60. Practice forgiveness. It will set you free.

61. Practice tolerance and patience. Are high expectations of others only disappoint us.

62. Avoid eating too much sugar, carbohydrates and using drugs alcohol and other stimulants.

63. Change your routine. Get up earlier. Go to bed later. Take in a different route to work. Don’t check your emails more than twice a day.

64. Spend time with enthusiastic and happy people. Eliminate the crazy makers in your life. Break free from codependency.

65. Spend time in silence. Ask for guidance, receive it and act on it. Your inner voice will guide you.

66. Practice meditation, yoga or other activities that take you inward.

67. Focus n the present moment. Refuse to live in the pain of the past or fear of the future. Joy doesn’t reside there.

68. Give up bad habits. Excessive TV, game playing or surfing the net too much? Eliminate your bad habit for 10 days. You will gain a fresh perspective and discover new ways to spend your time.

69. Refuse to complain for 3 weeks. When you catch yourself begin your 3 weeks over again. You will find that you complain about the same thing repeatedly.

70. Pay attention to what you tell yourself.

71. Have Courage. Move out of your comfort zone and do what frightens you. You will gain self-esteem and confidence.

72. Ask for help. There is no need to struggle. There are over 6 and 1/2 billion people in the world. Someone will help you.

73. Do the most difficult first. What ever it is you’re neglecting, do it during your best time of the day. Make time for it and don’t move to another task until it is finished.

74. Reward and treat yourself as you move forward. Bribe yourself to do difficult tasks with a new book, dinner out or an afternoon off.

75. Take 100% responsibility. Use your energy and ability to turn your life around. Changing your situation empowers you.

76. Tap into unlimited possibilities and enjoy your life.


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2 Responses to Ways to face this world during tough times

  1. TR says:

    its really a wonderful list which can definitly turn around one’s life 🙂

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