Calling on Christ’s return for hunger

“…and there will be famines and troubles” (Mark 13:8).

East Africa is suffering its worst drought in 60 years, causing a severe food crisis in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. It will impact the lives of at least 13 million people. The UN predicts 750,000 people could die.

“Many refugees from southern Somalia have fled to neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia, where crowded, unsanitary conditions together with severe malnutrition have led to a large number of deaths. Other countries in and around the Horn of Africa, including Djibouti, Sudan, South Sudan and parts of Uganda, are also affected by a food crisis.” [1]

If famine isn’t enough trouble…

“Imagine that you’re a Somali suffering from the drought and famine in that country. One of your children has just starved to death, but there’s no time to mourn. Depleted and traumatized, you set off on foot across the desert with your family, and after 15 exhausting days finally reach what you believe is the safe haven of Kenya.

But at the very moment when you think you’re secure, you encounter a nightmare broached only in whispers: an epidemic of violence and rape. As Somalis stream across the border into Kenya, at a rate of about 1,000 a day, they are frequently prey to armed bandits who rob men and rape women in the 50-mile stretch before they reach Dadaab, now the world’s largest refugee camp.” [2]

So what is being done to help these hurting neighbors of ours? The local Islamic government seriously questions the motives of humanitarian workers who are either spies for their government or Christians pushing their teachings. Only 50 percent of the funds needed to stave off the crisis has trickled in. Many have turned a deaf ear to the history of aid being stolen by the government. Some refer to the response as “compassion exhaustion.”

We complain when our restaurant order is five minutes late. We’re upset if we run out of peanut butter for two days. We can’t imagine missing a meal unless we are on a diet because we are overweight. God doesn’t get exhausted expressing compassion. The Lord’s love never fails.

Someday Jesus will come and put an end to the war and hate, the violence and rapes, the droughts and starvation. Satan has rocked the world for several thousand years. Isn’t it about time we say, “The devil has shown his ugly colors. Come, Lord Jesus. We are ready for a new earth”?

You can learn more about the times in which we live by attending one of our upcoming Bible prophecy seminars in your area. Click on the link on the sidebar for more information about the great conflict between good and evil, a conflict that deeply moves the heart of God.


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