Diet for health and longevity

The 7th Day Adventist diet has had numerous studies done on why they seem to live longer. It is estimated that the diet adds from 4.42 to 7.3 years on to your life with an overall reduction in disease. This lacto-ovo vegetarian diet is one where meat and fish are not allowed.

7th Day Adventist diet

The 7th Day Adventist have been advocating a vegetarian lifestyle for over 130 years. By the year 1954, there were over 250 studies done on the use of a vegetarian diet as compared to longevity quoted in scientific journals. The National Cancer Institute in cooperation with Loma Linda University did a number of studies on the diet starting in the 1960s.

Increase in life expectancy

What they found in these studies is that followers of the diet may live as long as 20% longer than people consuming meat. The figures showed that men lived up to an extra 7.3 years and up to 4.42 years for females. The diet was created under the guidance of Ellen White, their prophet who lived to be 87.

What does the diet consist of?

The diet emphasises that food should be enjoyed and appreciated, not just gulped down and that you should remember God and be thankful. Here are some of the basics to consider:

No meat or fish.

Up to 3 egg yolks a week.

Diet high in grains, nuts, fruits and veggies.

Nuts allowed, but in limited quantities.

Baking soda and powder should be avoided in breads.

Cheese should never be eaten.

SDA states that low fat dairy is allowable, but in extremely limited quantities.

Butter is better cold on bread and never fried, but best avoided totally.

No caffeine, alcohol or tobacco at all.

Eat foods in season and can for the winter.

Most SDA avoid dairy completely.

Diet suggestions

Eating of two meals a day is better than three and never eat milk and sugar together. Eating fruit and veggies should do done separately and not together. Liquids should not be eaten with the meal as this will disturb the digestion process.

Neither eat foods too hot or too cold. Foods that are warm or slightly cooled are better. A sick stomach with poor digestion will affect the brain and the power to develop properly. Anger many times will come from a diseased body. Overeating should be avoided and never eat before sleeping.

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