Living you life

Question everything.
A happy wife, is a happy life.
Take responsibility for your life up to this point.
Believe in your ability to change your circumstances.
Trust your first instinct.
Want the good things in life, but don’t need the good things.
Don’t buy until you have the money in your account.
Never regret what has happened in the past, you can’t change it.
Always put God first.
Don’t gossip.
If you haven’t used it in 6 months, give it to charity.
Make your peace with death when you are still healthy.
Believe in your own higher power, nobody else’s.
Practice the art of listening.
Help others without expecting anything in return.
Help yourself first, that way you have more capacity to help others.
Don’t get married under pressure.
Work for someone as a means to work for yourself.
Stay in touch with your family and friends.
Get angry with life when you feel the need, life can soak it up just fine.
Don’t compare your life to others, you are on a different path altogether.
Never settle for second best.
Prepare in advance for your own confidence.
Don’t give your power away by letting others dictate how you feel.
Stop trying to read everyone’s mind, it can’t be done.
Hug as much as you can.
Believe in the power of serendipity.
Get some sunshine every day.
Don’t spend half your life in bed, grab the life outside your head.
Study nature, it’s a gift waiting to be discovered.
Say ‘I Love You’ from the heart.
Cut down on your TV time.
Love your partner with everything you have, but don’t depend on them for anything.
Know your values in life and start living by them.
Learn to argue your point.
Always admit to your mistakes in life and look to rectify them.
Give everyone one chance.
Don’t tell everyone all your problems all the time, you just become a pain.
Never kill a spider.
Don’t be confined by rules, break them every once in a while.

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