Life you can learn everyday

Cut your living expenses – dramatically. Every dollar of expense you eliminate is a dollar to be saved or invested for the proverbial “rainy day.”
Ask for help from your professional and personal networks. Before you find yourself out of a job etc, get active with individuals in your network sharing ideas, offering help.
Seek out a career change. Consider starting you own business.
Hone your selling skills.
Get smarter. Pay particular attention to techniques on how to learn more effectively and faster, which apply across multiple fields of study.
Pray. Getting in touch with something bigger than you even if it only lies within yourself always helps put things in the proper perspective.
Be humble. When things are booming, it can lead to overlooking others who are important contributors to your success.

About Deafinition

Business & Photography enthusiast. Web Designer. Movie fanatic. Gadget lover.
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