Having a hard time making friends?

I think just about everyone wants friends! God created us to enjoy social interaction. Even Jesus enjoyed spending time with friends—I think of Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Peter, James, and John as being His special friends. He enjoyed spending time with them. So how do we make friends? According to Proverbs 18:24, if we want to have friends, we have to be friendly! Most of us are attracted to cheerful people, to people with a positive attitude, to kind people. We are less attracted to grouchy or mean people, or people who are self-centered and constant complainers. Sometimes it helps to look for friends who share your interests. If you enjoy singing, invite people to sing with you. If you enjoy outdoor activities, sign up for a ski trip or a mountain biking excursion. In other words, be on the active look-out for activities where you might meet friends who like to do the things you enjoy. Another way to make friends is to look for ways to be helpful. You could volunteer to tutor a classmate who doesn’t do as well as you do in school, or you could find a way to spend time with someone who looks sad or lonely. You might ask an elder or family if you can plan an event for the older people of your church or neighborhood, and ask the youth to help out with this project. Doing stuff for others is a great way to bond with friends. Unfortunately, even our best friends will sometimes disappoint us. It helps to remember that Jesus’ best friends also disappointed Him when He needed them the most (see Matthew 26:36-46). Jesus understands when our friends hurt our feelings. He is the one friend who will never desert us and who loves us forever.

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