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3 facts about near death experiences

According to a Gallup Poll several years ago, 5 percent of all Americans have had a near-death experience (NDE). However, before you accept this as proof of life after death, remember these facts. FACT 1: You aren’t dead when you’re … Continue reading

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Near death experiences: Are they real?

by Clifford Goldstein Joe had been everywhere from Lapland to the Sea of Japan, but his strangest trip was down the block. Not that anything particularly exciting existed there. Nothing did. But then again, it was not where he went … Continue reading

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Why I go to church on a Saturday

To many, my Saturday church attendance appears to be out of step with the Sunday Christian tradition. They wonder how I can be so confused as to go on the “wrong day.” So, exactly why do I, and millions like … Continue reading

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Are there 2 Gods in the Bible?

by Greg King “God is love,” declared the apostle John (1 John 4:8). For many centuries, Christians have attached great importance to this brief declaration. They have understood it to express the major defining characteristic of God. They have taken … Continue reading

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Why God said Remember

By Joe Crews What Could He Do? Numerous surveys and questionnaires have confirmed that the most popular form of modern skepticism is to deny the creation story. Seventy-two percent of ministers interviewed expressed varying degrees of doubt that God actually … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for Baptism

by Maylan Schurch One afternoon this past May, spiffed up in our best suits, my nephew and I stood in the lobby of a large event center in the Midwest. Somewhere in a distant room his fiancée was slipping into … Continue reading

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Who actually wrote the Bible?

Written by Richard M. Davidson According to the Bible writers’ own claims, and in harmony with the tra­ditional understanding held by ancient interpreters and most biblical scholars until the rise of historical criticism during the Enlightenment, approximately 35 individuals wrote … Continue reading

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