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The truth about media and kids

Electronic media is an integral part of the lives of youngsters in the twenty-first century. Television (TV) used to dominate the media world, but things have changed. Today, kids, and in fact all of us, are surrounded and influenced by … Continue reading

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What is the “soul”?

The Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, repeatedly makes reference to the “soul.” Mainstream Christianity generally teaches that this soul is an immortal component of human beings; that upon our death, it is released from our bodies to … Continue reading

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The dangers of media violence

Elisabeth H. Wiig, Ph.D. and Karl M. Wiig Violence in television programs and movies viewed by children and juveniles can be expected to be harmful for fundamental psychological reasons rarely touched upon in the public debate. Developing minds, particularly in … Continue reading

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Top 10 movies that will change your life

The top 10 life changing movies that everyone should watch. We are all human and we all are touched by different things that we experience as life or that we watch others experience in the movies. These are the top … Continue reading

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