Why did God let bad things happen?

Have you ever heard a story in which an accused man is ultimately proven innocent in a court of law?

Usually there is some gathering of evidence and a trial involving witnesses. Once all the evidence is laid bare for all to see, a verdict is made by the jury.

In a similair way, God and His plan for creation has been accused of wrongdoing by the devil—and God is allowing the whole universe to be a witness in this cosmic trial.

God intended our lives to be ones of peace and joy, but Satan brought controversy to earth and we bought into his lies. God is the accused. Earth is Exhibit A. Now we ask the same questions:

Is God’s way the best way?
Does God deserve to be God?
Does God deserve our love?

Well, does He? Let’s look at the evidence:

First, God created us and put us in a garden paradise. Creation was perfect, and He let us have dominion over it. He gave us everything we would ever want or need. How does this fact answer the questions?

Second, after we rejected Him, He died to set us free from the consequence: death. Jesus, the Innocent Creator, paid the price of our sin so we would not have to die. How does this answer the questions?

Finally, life outside of God’s rule is harsh, filled with pain and fear. You can see the evidence yourself in the daily news. Not following God leads to selfishness, starving children, abused spouses, the spread of disease, bullying, and myriad other painful acts and consequences.

Following God leads to peace and joy in one’s life, an uplifting of the down-trodden, kindness to strangers, abundance and sharing. How does this answer the questions?

The reason God allows Satan to live and for bad things to happen is because there are questions that need to be answered conclusively and without doubts or fear being left behind.

The Bible says that in the end, God will be justified. Those who want to follow Him will do so because they know He is love. There will be no need to fear Him or doubt Him because it will be proven that His way is the best way for everyone.

Sadly, there are those who will still decide not to follow Him, who still want to do things their way, even though it leads to misery, fear, and pain. But there will be no place for evil in God’s universe, and the destruction of the wicked will be seen by all as merciful and just—even by the wicked themselves!

Life on earth is very difficult, but we can have peace and joy if we follow God. And one day, all our troubles will be gone and we will live forever in paradise.

Is God’s way the best way? Yes.
Does God deserve to be God? Yes.
Does God deserve our love? Yes.

Do you think God made the right choice?


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