Top 10 movies that will change your life

The top 10 life changing movies that everyone should watch. We are all human and we all are touched by different things that we experience as life or that we watch others experience in the movies. These are the top ten life changing movies that you should watch.

“The Blind Side” is a true story about Michael Oher; this movie showed him going from homeless with only one extra shirt to being taken in loved and accepted by an amazing and wealthy family. This family helped him to get into sports which took him all the way through high school, college and into the NFL.

“Requiem for a Dream” is an amazing life changing film that takes an inside look into the life of drug addicts. If you have never seen how quickly and dramatically addictions can change a person’s life then this movie will change your life even more than you think. This movie shows you the inside look of what the demons of drug addiction do to ruin your dreams and lives.

“Up in the Air” This movie is about a man, Ryan Bingham, who lives his life on the road because his job calls for him to travel most of the year. Ryan Bingham’s job requires him to travel the country to fire other companies’ employees. When he is put in charge of training a newbie she affects his life and the way that he thinks.

“American History X” is not only famous for being a life changing movie, but also for its controversial message. This movie is about a man who is a neo-nazi skinhead who goes to jail, then realizes that it is time for a change in his life. The movies tag line is “His father taught him to hate. His friends taught him rage. His enemies gave him hope.”

“The Killing Room” is a movie that will change your life or make you take another look at the lives of others. This movie will make you think about how you live your life as well as if you should really sign up for psychological research study programs for extra cash. Quickly after arriving at the study, the participants realize that they are now part of a horrific classified government program.

“Pay It Forward” is a movie that is focused solely on changing lives. A young boy believes in the goodness of human nature so much that he sets out to change the world, and he succeeds. The movie is about how if we all just do one kind thing for another person and they do the same then we can make this world a better place.

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” We all know how hard it can be to go through a break up, well in this movie they simply delete all memories of their ex when they break up. It is a new procedure that is supposed to erase all memories of any person.Sadly they realize, during the forgetting procedure, how much they really loved each other to begin with.

“Fight Club” is a movie that will change the way you think about your life’s secrets. In this movie, two simplistic men create a secret organization for men to physically get out all of their inner aggression by beating other people up.

“The Shawshank Redemption” This movie is about two men who, while in prison, realize what it is like to be a good person and create an amazing friendship. They realize that all it takes to have a decent life is common decency.

“The Truman Show” Nothing will change your life more than seeing that your entire life could possibly be a fraud. A typical insurance salesman realizes that his whole life has been on television for the whole world to watch without him having any idea.


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3 Responses to Top 10 movies that will change your life

  1. camary1996 says:

    I saw the Blind side so I can say amen to that. will look into the others.

  2. austin b says:

    Eternal Sunshine is such a good movie if you’re feeling lonely.

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